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Express News is an advanced news magazine WordPress theme with a fast, sleek, and contemporary appearance. It is well-suited for various dynamic news platforms, such as newspapers, magazines, publishers, blogs, editors, online and gaming magazines, news portals, personal blogs, and review sites, as well as any other creative websites. The theme boasts a professional and up-to-date design that can be effortlessly set up, especially with its pre-built demo. It is a fully widgetized and customizable theme, empowering users to manage content using widgets and the live WordPress customizer. The theme is fully responsive, ensuring seamless compatibility across mobiles, tablets, laptops, and computers. It is a user-friendly WordPress magazine theme, characterized by its simplicity, ease of use, modernity, and creativity. The theme’s codes have been optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), enabling easy visibility and attracting a greater number of visitors. The clean and secure HTML codes embedded in this theme contribute to its smooth functioning across multiple platforms. Moreover, thanks to the optimized codes, your website will experience faster page load times, facilitating quick loading.

Theme Features

Clean and Modern Design

Express News is a fast, uncluttered, and modern WordPress theme. It’s clean and professional to look at, also easy to navigate without compromising the user’s attention from the news you have displayed.

Customizer and Widgets

Express News theme is fully widgetized & customize based theme, so users can easily manage or customized the content by using widgets and live WordPress customizer.

Cross Browser Compatible

Express News is 100% mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. The design and content look just fine on any mobile device of any screen resolution without compromising the user experience.

Translation Ready

Another critical feature of Express News is that the theme is translation-ready. You can build a professional website in any language form without worrying about the design or the content.

Other Features

  • Demo Import

Features Pro Vs Free

Features Comparison Pro Free
Responsive Design (Yes) (Yes)
Demo Import (Yes: One Click) (Yes: Manually)
Site Identity Extra Options (Yes) (No)
Theme Mode Switch ( Dark and Light ) (Yes) (No)
Primary Color For Light Mode (Yes) (No)
Primary Color For Dark Mode (Yes) (No)
Header Image (Yes) (Yes)
Topbar Secondary Menu (Yes) (No)
Social Menu (Yes) (Yes)
Sticky Header Menu (Yes) (No)
Hide Topbar Date and Day (Yes) (No)
Hide Topbar Menu (Yes) (No)
Hide Topbar Social Menu (Yes) (No)
Hide Menu Search Icon (Yes) (No)
Hide Random Posts Icon (Yes) (No)
Hide Color Mode Icon (Yes) (No)
Hide Header Left Widget on Responsive (Yes) (No)
Hide Header Right Widget on Responsive (Yes) (No)
Custom CSS Option (Yes) (Yes)
Theme Options (Yes) (Limited)
Section Header Style (6 Styles) (No)
Box Layout Disable (Yes) (No)
Font Family (1000+ Fonts) (5 Fonts)
Choose Site Title Font Family (Yes) (5 Fonts)
Choose Site Description Font Family (Yes) (5 Fonts)
Choose Header Font Family (Yes) (5 Fonts)
Choose Body Font Family (Yes) (5 Fonts)
Adjust Global Font Size (Yes) (No)
Sidebar Options (Yes) (Limited)
Breadcrumb Option (Yes) (Yes)
Page Loader (7 Loader Styles) (No)
Archive/Blog Pages Options (Yes) (Limited)
Archive/Blog Pages Styles (layout) (Yes) (No)
Infinite Loader Pagination (Yes) (No)
Single Posts Options (Yes) (Limited)
Below Banner Primary Widgets Area (Yes) (No)
Below Banner Secondary Widgets Area (Yes) (No)
Below Banner Secondary Sidebar Position (Yes) (No)
Secondary Sidebar Position (Yes) (Yes)
Breaking News Section (Yes) (Limited)
Banner Section (Yes, 4 Styles) (Limited)
Recent Posts Section (Yes, 2 Styles) (No)
Posts Grid Section (Yes) (No)
Tab Filter Section (Yes) (No)
Adore Widget: Author Info Widgets (Yes) (No)
Adore Widget: Express List Widgets (Yes, 2 Styles) (Limited)
Adore Widget: Featured Posts Widgets (Yes, 3 Styles) (No)
Adore Widget: Grid Posts Widgets (Yes) (Limited)
Adore Widget: Latest Posts Widgets (Yes) (No)
Adore Widget: List Posts Widgets (Yes, 2 Styles) (Limited)
Adore Widget: Most Read Widgets (Yes) (Limited)
Adore Widget: Posts Carousel Widgets (Yes) (Yes)
Adore Widget: Posts Tab Widgets (Yes) (No)
Adore Widget: Slider Widgets (Yes) (No)
Adore Widget: Tab Filter Widgets (Yes) (No)
Adore Widget: Social Widgets (Yes, 2 Styles) (Limited)
Footer Widget (Yes, 4) (Yes, 4)
Disable Copyright Text (Yes) (No)
Footer Copyright Text (Editable) (Not Editable)
Enable/Disable Scroll up. (Yes) (Yes)
Reset All Customizer Setting (Yes) (No)
Theme support includes:
  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
However, theme support does not include:
  • We do not provide support for any third-party plugins, which is not recommended in our theme

Item Information

Last Update: January 28, 2024
Released: October 14, 2023
Version: 1.1.4
Documentation: Yes